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Isabelle Kaul, 18
Owner and Founder

At 17 years old I became the owner of ZMD. Previously my first car had been vandalized with dog poo and Vaseline. Driving it was traumatizing! I actually ended up being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata losing half of my hair mass due to the amount of stress it caused. The  months of researching and working to get my car back to normal sparked my passion in detailing! That is why I took the leap at 17 years old and built ZMD from the ground up. I have fallen in love with detailing. I get to learn about the chemistry behind detailing, network with awesome clients, all the while pursuing my dreams of being an entrepreneur!
Our entire purpose is to add value to your life. We want you to feel good! A clean car is the first step to peace of mind and success. That's why ZMD exists!

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